About Us

Ooh Chhori Jewellery is designed to cater to those looking for international design and quality at local prices. Every jewel here is a hand-picked masterpiece. The range includes the finest diamond jewellery, antique jewellery, gemstones and exclusive plain gold jewellery.
Since its inception in 2002, Ooh Chhori Jewellery has established it left as a leading and trusted name. It has, over the years, consistently satisfied customers through a strong and focused approach. The constant quest for top-class designs.
A pioneer in designing diamond jewellery, it is strategically located in Surat, the land of diamonds. Ooh Chhori Jewellery delivers value through quality service to its customers. For more than two decades, Ooh Chhori Jewellery has catered to the changing trends for both men and women. Each piece of jewellery has its own individuality, innovation and mastery in craftmanship. Graceful yet versatile, fresh yet timeless, the classy creations of Ooh Chhori Jewellery  are distinguished and subtly seductive.